WGLS awaits permission from federal commission

WGLS awaits permission from federal commission

WGLS awaits permission from federal commission

The Whit, October 6, 1967

WGLS, Glassboro State College’s FM radio station, awaits official approval from the Federal Communications Commission to begin broadcasting.

Owned and operated by the College students, WGLS is now under the authority of the communications division. Newly elected officers are George Schneider, station manager; Bill O’Donald, program director; Bruce Selb, technical director and Dick Maggs, news director. Mr. Joseph Salviuolo, assistant professor of communications, is the faculty advisor.

The radio station is serving as a laboratory for the new radio course offered to 25 freshmen and as a division for the speech and drama department. Speech and drama majors will be required to write various radio shows and submit them to Bill O’Donald. With official approval from the station executive committee, these shows will be broadcast by WGLS.

Although the beginning date and specific hours of broadcasting are unofficial, WGLS plans to broadcast five days each week. Programs will begin in the afternoon and continue into the late evening hours.

Regular programs will include national, local and campus news, as well as every type of music that is available to the station. WGLS plans to cover all home and away football, basketball and baseball games and is hopeful of covering all other sports when they are played at home.

All programs concerning lectures and educational events will supersede entertainment. WGLS is hopeful that all departments on campus will contribute cultural and educational programs on topics of student and public interest that are outside the realm of classroom lectures and discussions.

The radio station is also hopeful of instituting “Presidential Press Conference” as a regular 15 minute weekly program. At the time, Dr. Robinson may speak about any issue he considers of importance to the College, community or education.

Interspersed with college oriented programs, WGLS plans to broadcast shows of local community and county interest. Anticipated are news programs and press conferences with local dignitaries and town residents commenting on such topics as the summit meeting, the trip taken to Russia be several Glassboro residents and college-community related issues.

 *Editor's Note: WGLS had been operating as a low watt, campus only student club under the supervision of the Library Department's Electronic Media Office since 1964.