WGLS Station Tour

WGLS Station Tour

WGLS Station Tour

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The lobby of Rowan Radio showcases just some of the hundreds of awards won by the station, as well as yearly collages of WGLS-FM members.


The main studio is where all programming originates. The studio houses a new state-of-the-art digital console with three microphones, two CD players, two turntables, an AudioVault automation workstation, an Emergency Alert System (EAS) encoder/decoder, as well as all the equipment required for remote broadcasts of Profs Sports.


The production studio features the same professional broadcasting equipment as the main studio, with the addition of an Adobe Audition editing workstation and vintage radio gear such as a DAT recorder, cart, and reel-to-reel machines.


The WGLS-FM Conference studio is where talk show hosts can conduct interviews over video conferencing, telephone, or in-person. Additionally, the 65-inch HDTV wall monitor allows sports broadcasters to call games remotely via the internet or closed-circuit transmission.


The news studio is a condensed version of the main studio with a smaller console board, an AudioVault workstation, and a Metro Source news terminal/Adobe Audition editing suite. The studio also features an audio logging program that students use to download recordings of their broadcasts for their professional portfolios or to replay highlights of live sporting events airing over Rowan Radio.


The Raquel A. Bruno Music Library at WGLS-FM has grown over 50 years! It currently contains over 3,000 vinyl records and 5,000 CDs in addition to over 10,000 digital music titles in our automation computer. 


The WGLS-FM Traffic Office allows students real-world radio experience in music programming and the scheduling of paid underwriting sponsorships and free public service announcements using industry-standard software such as Marketron Visual Traffic and RCS Selector.


In the Jeff "Jeffery Jay" Weber Executive Staff Room, WGLS members can research the songs and artists they play, sample new releases, write news and promo scripts, create sports broadcast schedules and game notes, as well as to conduct business with our indie music label representatives, keep up to date with various trade magazines, and collaborate on engaging promotional campaigns for the station. It's also a good place for members to socialize and eat lunch!