WGLS Hall of Fame

WGLS Hall of Fame

What is the WGLS Hall of Fame?

Glassboro State/Rowan graduates, faculty, or staff who have been instrumental in the growth and development of WGLS-FM and have been long-term supporters of the station and Rowan University are inducted into the WGLS Hall of Fame.

Inductees are considered based on the following criteria: 

Made a major or lasting accomplishment during their time at WGLS

  • Won awards, created programming, served in some executive staff role
Supported WGLS/Rowan after graduation
  • Served as an alumni show host, offered mentoring and internship opportunities, made contributions or donations to WGLS/Rowan
  • Took part in station and/or university events
Contributed to the community, local or regional
  • Taught, volunteered, took part in events or fundraising
Achieved some professional-level success in broadcasting, media or other related industry
  • Received industry recognition, accomplished career milestones


2019 Inductees: Ashley Huggins ('08), Kevin Cieri ('81) 


2018 Inductees: Frank J. Hogan, Mike Donovan

Click here to watch a brief video history of these Hall of Famers 

Frank J. Hogan served as WGLS-FM General Manager from 1991 to 2013. Under his leadership, WGLS-FM reached unprecedented heights on and off-the-air, was named College Radio Station of the Year by the National Association of College Broadcasters, and received more than 200 regional and national awards for excellence in programming. He would go on to help facilitate Rowan Radio’s move into its current home in Bozorth Hall in the mid-1990s. Along with his work at the station, Hogan developed and taught the radio component of Rowan’s Radio, Television & Film (RTF) program.

Mike Donovan began working at GSC in 1972 and was WGLS-FM’s advisor for over 10 years. During the early 1970s, the station's license was nearly surrendered to the FCC due to operational concerns. Donovan interceded to ensure the station stayed on the air. He oversaw many technological advancements for the station, including power increases and a switch from a mono to stereo broadcast signal. In 1977, he helped bring Hogan to GSC. Donovan also has had a significant impact in the classroom and was a founder of the RTF program within the College of Communication & Creative Arts.


 2017 Inductees: Tadd Kozeniewski ('90), Marie Thacker ('79) 


 2016 Inductees: Omarey Williams ('07), Kelly Viseltear ('97), Ken Kopakowski ('79, '99)


2015 Inductees: Sue Shilling ('93), Rob Strauss ('99)


2014 Inductees: Larry DiBona ('77), Karen Maser ('79)
Dr. Mark Chamberlain (represented by Dr. Barabra Chamberlain), Alisa Hogan ('80, '00), Dr. Gregory Potter, Sr.
accompanied by Dr. James Newell, Provost


2013 Inductees: Greg Potter, Jr. ('95, '97), Karen Thomas ('90)


2012 Inductees: Rob Ryan ('97), Gary D'Aiutolo ('00)


2011 Inductees: Leo Kirschner ('94), Sheri Sabot ('94)


2010 Inductees: Chris Shearn ('95), Gina Lemanowicz ('03)


2009 Inductee: Dr. Craig Monroe (1942-2008)

Dr. Craig Monroe joined Rowan University as Dean of the College of Communication in 2003 and immediately became a big supporter of WGLS-FM. He was instrumental in the station receiving funding for an AudioVault digital automation system. We considered him an important member of the Rowan Radio family. Dr. Monroe passed away Dec. 31, 2008 after a short illness.


2008 Inductees: Jason Helder ('00, 2001), Andy Gradel ('98)
Joanna Hagen-Wikander ('97), Jeff "Jeffrey Jay" Weber ('75)


2007 Inductees: Jason Weber ('97), Ang Mason ('93)
Ed Benkin ('91), Howard Rosenblatt ('90)


2006 Inductees: Jeff Hickman ('95), Renard F. Henderson ('95), Sammy "Pepper" Bonavita ('87)


2005 Inductees: Rob Lightfoot ('00, '01), Derek Jones ('01, '02)
Michele Williams-Fisher ('94), Jim Servino ('78), Victor Sosa ('98) 
Melissa Connell-Cassara ('97, '98), John Sadak ('00, '03), Raquel Bruno ('93)
Larry Salva ('77), Jon Jones ('87)