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Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM

WGLS-FM Studios

The lobby of the main studio showcases just some of the over 220 awards won by the station, as well as yearly collages of WGLS-FM members.

From the lobby, the main hallway contains the bulletin board for important announcements, as well as the staff mailboxes. Straight back houses the executive staff offices.

The main studio is where all programming originates. The studio houses a mixer board with three microphones, two CD players, two cassette decks, two turntables, a DAT tape deck, an AVair workstation, the EAS system, as well as a digitial recorder and all the equipment required for remote broadcasts of Profs Sports. Connected to the main studio is the record room, with our extenstive collection of CDs and LPs.

The production studio features the same equipment as the main studio, with the addition of an Adobe Audition workstation.

The news studio is a condensed version of the main studio, with a two microphones, a smaller mixer board, an AV-RPS workstation, and a Metro Source news terminal.