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The Women's Room

A locally produced show focusing on issues of concern to women. Airs Thursdays at 5:00 p.m.

Play Download 03/16/2017 - Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks to Marika Lindholm, founder of ESME (Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere.) They discuss how the website came to be, what it has accomplished and why this type of organization is so important.

Play Download 11/24/2016 - Simple Green Smoothies

Host Gina Lemanowicz talks to Jadah Sellner, co-author of "Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body." They discuss the many health beneifts of drinking green and how you can incorporate these simple recipes into your diet.

Play Download 11/17/2016 - Snap Strategies For Couples

Host Gina Lemanowicz is joined by Dr. Lana Staheli, author of "Snap Strategies for Couples: 40 Fast Fixes for Everyday Relationship Pitfalls." They discuss the pyschology behind the book and how we can utilize simple tips to resolve conflict in our relationships.

Play Download 11/10/2016 - Skinnytaste

Host Gina Lemanowicz is joined by Gina Homolka to discuss her latest book " Skinnytaste Fast and Slow: Knockout Quick-Fix and Slow Cooker Recipes." Check out some tips on planning everyday meals, along with special recipes for the holidays.

Play Download 11/03/2016 - Wonder Women: Sam Maggs

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Sam Maggs, author of "Wonder Women: 25 Innovators, Inventors, and Trailblazers Who Changed History." They discuss various stores behind the book and what sparked an inspiration for this innovative topic.

Play Download 10/27/2016 - A Guide to Buying Wigs

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month host Gina Lemanowicz is joined by a special guest to delve into the experience of buying a wig for the first time. The two discuss common tips, myths, and the various types of wigs.

Play Download 10/06/2016 - Women Who Run

Host Gina Lemanowicz is joined by author and athlete, Shanti Sosienski. They discuss the emotional and physical benefits of running, along with Shanti's latest book, "Women Who Run."

Play Download 09/29/2016 - Yogalosophy With Mandy Ingber

Host Gina Lemanowicz is joined by yoga expert Mandy Ingber. She discusses her experience with yoga and the inspiration behind her latest book.

Play Download 05/05/2016 - Running: A Love Story

Local athlete, Jen A. Miller, talks about her book "Running: A Love Story."

Play Download 04/28/2016 - The Women's Room

Guest Dina Gachman joins host Gina Lemanowicz on the show to chat about saving money. Gachman, the author of Brokenomics: 50 Ways to Live the Dream on a Dime, covers her path to writing, what people waste money on, and ways to be cost-efficient.

Play Download 02/25/2016 - The Women's Room

Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Co-Founder of Simple Green Smoothies, Jadah Sellner. They discuss the benefits of healthy eating, and including green tea smoothies, and the 21-day cleanse.

Play Download 02/18/2016 - The Women's Room

Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Rita Lakin about her memoir 'The Only Woman in the Room'. They discussed her memoir, and what life was like in the 1960's as a female script writer.

Play Download 02/11/2016 - The Women's Room

Gianna Gugliuzza talks to psychotherapist and author Dr. Lesliebeth Wish about dating deal breakers and how to make the most out of Valntine's Day when you'e single. Wish also discussed her book "Smart Relationships: How Successful Women Can Find True Love".

Play Download 02/04/2016 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz is joined by Roni Noone, co-author of the book, What You Can When You Can: Healthy Living on Your Terms. She was inspired by her past weight struggles and discusses the book in detail, on how to achieve healthy living goals when theyre so daunting.

Play Download 12/03/2015 - The Women's Room

New host Jala McFadden speaks with Laurie Jueneman, a nurse, speaker, and author of the book, "Climbing the Mount Everest of Depression With The Help of Strong Cleats: One person's ongoing journey through the crevasses of depression." Battling depression for 30 years, Jueneman talks about the hardships she faced. She also gives advice on how to overcome depression and discusses topics from her book.

Play Download 11/19/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz is joined by Janna Graber, editor of the book, "A Pink Suitcase: 22 Tales of Women's Travel." The two talk about traveling the world and having a sense of adventure. They highlight trips they would like to take and some of the favorites from the book.

Play Download 11/12/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz is joined by Laura Pedersen, author of the book, "Life in New York: How I Learned to Love Squeegee Men, Token Suckers, Trash Twisters, and Subway Sharks." Pedersen shares stories about living in New York City for three decades. She talks about the multiple jobs she had and what it was like moving to the busiest city on Earth by herself at the age of 17.

Play Download 11/05/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz is joined by Marianne Schnall, author of the book, "What Will It Take to Make A Woman President?: Conversations About Women, Leadership and Power." They talk about the political atmosphere surrounding women and the election next year. They also discuss the history of women in politics and the possibility of having a woman president.

Play Download 10/22/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gianna Gugliuzza speaks with Lauren Urasek, a New York make-up artist and author of the book, "Popular: The Ups and Downs of Online Dating from the Most Popular Girl in New York City." She talks about everything from her experiences with online dating to being named the most desirable woman in 2014 to her work as a makeup artist.

Play Download 09/24/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz is joined by Reba Riley, author of the book, "Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome: A Memoir of Humor and Healing." The two talk about faith, the strength of the human spirit, and the humor of the book. They also talk about what it was like writing the book.

Play Download 09/17/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz is joined by Lynne Finch, author of the book, "Female and Armed: A Womans Guide to Advanced Situational Awareness, Concealed Carry, and Defensive Shooting Techniques." The two talk about female self-defense and carrying a concealed gun for protection. They also talk about gun control.

Play Download 08/27/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gianna Gugliuzza speaks with Janice Kaplan, editor in chief of Parade magazine and author of the book, "The Gratitude Diaries: How a Year Looking on the Bright Side Can Transform Your Life." Kaplan shares personal stories behind the inspirations detailed in her book. She also talks about what a simple attitude change can do to someone's outlook on life.

Play Download 08/20/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gianna Gugliuzza speaks with Nina C. Payne, a yoga instructor and author of the book, "Moments in Time." The two discuss how important principles of yoga are the same ones used in everyday life. They also talk about the book, how healthy yoga is for people of all ages, and what it means to be a mother.

Play Download 07/30/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz is joined by Sam Maggs, author of the book, "The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks." The two discuss how geek culture has become mainstream, what it means to be a fangirl, and how people shouldn't be ashamed to be interested in things that are deemed geeky or nerdy.

Play Download 07/23/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz is joined by Michelle Burke, co-creator of the game Personalogy. Burke discusses the history of the game and the desire to create it. Also, they talk about how the game helps build communication bonds with family and co-workers.

Play Download 07/16/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gianna Gugliuzza speaks with Sue Ann Baker, who broke the glass ceiling in the 1970s when she became one of the very first female secret service agents. She has also just released her new book "Behind the Shades: A Female Secret Service Agent's True Story". They discuss gender discrimination in the workplace, overcoming fear, and building confidence.

Play Download 07/09/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gianna Gugliuzza speaks with Lisa Cartelli, founder and director of the non-profit organization, "Angel Faces" and author of the book, "Heart of Fire." The two talk about the work Cartelli does with disfigured, adolescent girls. They discuss Cartelli's battle with disfigurement, how the organization reaches out to those in need, and much more.

Play Download 06/04/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gianna Gugliuzza speaks with Melanie Young, a certified health coach and breast cancer survivor. She is author of the book, "Getting Things Off My Chest: A Survivor's Guide to Staying Fearless and Fabulous in the Face of Breast Cancer." Young shares what it was like when she first discovered the news, tips on how to overcome the difficult road to recovery, and the writing of her book. She also talks about being a health coach and how she hasn't let breast cancer slow her life down.

Play Download 05/28/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Lisa Shipley, author of the book, "Crawling Across Broken Glass: How One Woman Fought Gender Discrimination, Beat the Odds, and Won." The two discuss the irony that women may have shattered the glass ceiling, but are left to navigate the minefield of "broken glass." They talk about gender discrimination in the work place, Lisa's personal story of determination, and advice on how others can take a stand.

Play Download 05/21/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Lee Gant, author of the book, "Love in Every Stitch: Stories of Knitting and Healing." Gant talks about how knitting saved her life, others' stories who helped shape the book, and how the idea of the book came together. Listen to find out how you can pick up this alternative healing technique.

Play Download 05/14/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Karen Lynch, author of the book, "Good Cop, Bad Daughter: Memoirs of an Unlikely Police Officer." The two discuss what it was like for Lynch to be one of the first female police officers in San Francisco. Lynch grew up following the counter-culture in the 60's and she talks about her evolution through the years that led to her joining the force. Lynch also talks about the strained relationship with her mother, who did not like the police.

Play Download 04/30/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Lisa Erspamer, author of the book, "A Letter to My Mom." They talk about the lost art of writing letters, the book series going forward, and children-mother relationships. The book includes letters from celebrities, and Erspamer also shares a few personal favorties.

Play Download 04/02/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gianna Gugliuzza speaks with Dr. Shaelyn Pham, a licensed psychologist, coach, and speaker known as the Potentiality Expert. The two discuss how she helps people reach their highest potential. She also shares personal experiences in her career and success stories. Plus, they talk about her book, "The Joy of Me: Uncover Your Loving Self through the Art of Being Selfish."

Play Download 03/19/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gianna Gugliuzza speaks with Diane Breneman. Breneman is an attorney with over 20 years of experience, but she is also a meditation expert. She teaches meditation classes at over 20 different venues across Kansas City. She talks about how to manage stress, the power of meditation for anyone in any profession, and how quickly it can improve your life.

Play Download 03/12/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Allison Lubert, author of the book, "Baking You Happy: Gluten-Free Recipes from Sweet Freedom Bakery." She discusses the world's need for a cookbook that addresses the increasing awareness of how diet impacts their health and well-being. She talks about the success of her business and its continued growth. Plus, she talks about some of her favorite recipes.

Play Download 03/05/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, author of the book, "Better than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love." Dr. Lombardo feels that perfectionism is an illness that is plaguing the country. She talks about how society has adopted an all-or-nothing mentality; how it has hurt more than helped us. She explains principles found in the book, such as strategies to get past perfectionism, identifying the problem, and recovery.

Play Download 02/26/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with April Kirkwood, author of the book, "Big Girls Do Cry." The book details the story of Kirkwood's love affair with Frankie Valli. She tells Gina why she now decided to write a book about the subject and sets the record straight on many things after years of rumors and speculation. She also states that the book is a testament for all women who seem to have life together in every aspect, except for relationships.

Play Download 02/19/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gianna Gugliuzza speaks with two experts to discuss "Fifty Shades of Grey." The first is Dr. Warren Shepell, a psychologist and author of the book, "A Woman's Pleasure." The other guest is Dr. Susan Edelman, a psychiatrist and author of the book, "Be Your Own Brand of Sexy: A New Sexual Revolution for Women." They break down the myths, the success, and controversies of the world-wide phenomenon.

Play Download 02/12/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gianna Gugliuzza sits down with Dr. Sandeep Grewal. He is the author of the book, "Fat-Me-Not: Weight Loss Diet of The Future." They discuss the idea behind the development of the book, the overall message, and new techniques for losing weight.

Play Download 01/29/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Lizzie Stark, author of the book, "Pandora's DNA: Tracing the Breast Cancer Genes Through History, Science, and One Family Tree." They talk about the development of the book, the goals of her work, and much more.

Play Download 01/22/2015 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Pamela Yellen, author of the book, "The Bank On Yourself Revolution: Fire Your Banker, Bypass Wall Street, and Take Control of Your Own Financial Future." Yellen talks about her findings, gives advice about banking right, and much more.

Play Download 10/30/2014 - The Women's Room

Host Alyssa Sansone speaks with actress S. Epatha Merkerson and author Matthew Hussey. Merkerson discusses her role as a spokesperson against diabetes and a coming event in Philadelphia she will participate in. Hussey talks about his New York Times best-selling work and his advice for dating, both on and offline.

Play Download 10/23/2014 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with author and editor Avital Norman Nathman. Her latest project is the book, "The Good Mother Myth: Redefining Motherhood to Fit Reality." They talk about the creation of the book, the reality of motherhood, and more in this episode.

Play Download 10/16/2014 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Erika Ettin. She is author of the book, "Love at First Site: Tips and Tales for Online Dating Success from a Modern-Day Matchmaker." Listen as Ettin shares advice, and the two dicuss topics from the book.

Play Download 10/09/2014 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with author Gina Homolka. She is author of the "Skinnytaste Cookbook: Light on Calories, Big on Flavor." They discuss nutrition and diet options.

Play Download 10/06/2014 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with author Gina DeLapa about her book, "Stuff You Already Know: And Everybody Should." Take a listen as they discuss topics from the book, women, and life!

Play Download 09/26/2014 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Marybeth Zeman, author of "Tales of a Jailhouse Librarian." Take a listen as they discuss the short stories in the book and Zeeman's personal experiences

Play Download 09/26/2014 - The Women's Room

Jane Stimmler stops by to discuss her book, Breaking into the Boy's Club: 8 Ways for Women to get Ahead in Business. The show goes in-depth into the book and success in the workplace for women.

Play Download 09/11/2014 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz talks with comedy writer Henriette Mantel in this episode. Take a listen as they discuss topics from her book, "No Kidding: Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood."

Play Download 07/17/2014 - The Women's Room

Gina Lemanowicz speaks with author Gina Delapa. Gina talks about her new book Stuff You Already Know and Everybody Should. The book gives you 437 tips to make your life a bit easier.

Play Download 07/10/2014 - The Women's Room

As he prepares to play Atlantic City this weekend, do you want to know how Michael Bubl rose to stardom? Tune into the Women's Room this week as Gina Lemanowicz chats with Beverly Delich, the woman who discovered him. From interior designer to Music Manager, Beverly talks about her book "Come Fly with Me..." and how meeting Michael changed her life forever.

Play Download 07/03/2014 - The Women's Room

Gina Lemanowicz speaks with author Carla Kelly. Carla is an accomplished vegan cook and baker, and her new book, Vegan al Fresco: Happy & Healthy Recipes for Picnics, Barbecues & Outdoor Dining, combines her favorite vegan recipes for outside dinning. She also gives a few tips for vegan dinning during the 4th of July holiday weekend.

Play Download 06/19/2014 - The Women's Room

This week on The Women's Room, host Gina Lemanowicz talks with author Susie Middleton. Susie discusses her book, Fresh From the Farm: A Year of Recipes and Stories.

Play Download 06/05/2014 - The Women's Room

On this special edition of the Womens Room, Alyssa Sansone speaks with two authors about their individual books. In the first half of the show, Sansone speaks with nutritionist, blogger and author of The Skinny Confidential, Lauryn Evarts. She discusses the inspiration behind her book and gives a few tips for living a healthy lifestyle. In the second half of the show, Sansone talks with Sue Wunder author of the new book, Enough For Today. She shares her personal story behind the books inspirat

Play Download 05/15/2014 - The Women's Room

This week on The Women's Room, host Gina Lemanowicz talks with author and director of Save the Chimps, chimpanzee sanctuary, Jen Feuerstein. Jen talks about the inspiration behind her book, Opening Doors/Save The Chimps and shares a few stories about each of the different chimps in the sanctuary.

Play Download 05/01/2014 - The Women's Room

Gina Lemanowicz speaks with author Wendy Capland. Wendy discusses her book, Your Next Bold Move for Women, Nine Proven Steps to Everything You Ever Wanted. She goes into detail about how focusing in one field is the best move to make and shares personal stories that inspired her to write this book.

Play Download 03/20/2014 - The Women's Room

Gina Lemanowicz Canadian journalist, human rights activist, and author Sally Armstrong. Sally discusses the inspiration behind her new book, Uprising and gives a description about how her book chronicles the acts of empowerment undertaken by women and girls across the globe against inequities and acts of brutality, which have been perpetrated against them for decades.

Play Download 01/30/2014 - The Women's Room

On this episode of The Women's Room, Gina Lemanowicz talks with author Kim Koeller. Kim discusses her book, Let's Eat Out! Your Passport to Living Gluten And Allergy Free. In the book, she gives the reader a look into the world of living with food and gluten allergies and then proceeds to list meals that are good for those living an allergen-free healthy diet.

Play Download 01/16/2014 - The Women's Room

This week on The Women's Room, host Gina Lemanowicz talks with author, Avital Norman Nathman. Avitals book, The Good Mother Myth, is composed of multiple essays that break down the myth of what a good mother really is. She discusses some of the essays in the book and the editing process of picking which essays made the book. Each essay gives a different aspect of motherhood, even breaching topics that arent always mentioned in headlines or the news.

Play Download 01/09/2014 - The Women's Room

On this episode of The Women's Room, Gina Lemanowicz sat down with author Sonia Nassery Cole. Sonia shares the story of her novel, Will I Live Tomorrow?: One Woman's Mission to Create an Anti-Taliban Film in War-Torn Afghanistan and how she feared for her life everyday she was filming her movie, The Black Tulip in her homeland of Afghanistan.

Play Download 10/31/2013 - The Women's Room

With Election Day fast approaching, host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with author Rebecca Sive, about her new book, Every Day is Election Day. Rebecca talks about how her book is a guide for any woman who wishes to enter the political world.

Play Download 10/24/2013 - The Women's Room

This week on The Women's Room, host Gina Lemanowicz talks with author Karen Okulicz. Karen talks about her three books, Try! Decide! and Attitude! Each book has its own theme and lesson for those who are having difficulties finding jobs when unemployed. She also talks about how important it is to maintain a positive attitude even in the most pessimistic situations.

Play Download 10/10/2013 - The Women's Room

On this episode of The Women's Room, Gina Lemanowicz sat down with Natasha Kyssa, author of the book, The Simply Raw Kitchen. Natasha talks about how the book focuses on fresh, whole, and raw food and how a balanced, flexible diet designed for individual constitutions and based on fresh plant foods help with living a healthy life.

Play Download 09/26/2013 - The Women's Room

This week on The Women's Room, host Gina Lemanowicz talks with author Toni Piccinini about her new book, The Goodbye Year. Toni speaks about how the mother to child relationship changes dramatically over the childs senior year of high school. She also talks about her transition from scientist to chef to author and how even though she has had multiple jobs over the years; her favorite is being a Mom.

Play Download 09/05/2013 - The Women's Room

On this episode of The Women's Room, Gina Lemanowicz sat down with Norma Yaeger, author of the book, "Breaking Down the Walls. Norma talks about her experiences being the only woman in the male dominated world of the New York Stock Exchange in 1962. Norma also speaks about how littler support she had from family and friends and how it did not deter her from her goal of providing for her family financially.

Play Download 08/22/2013 - The Women's Room

Host Allie Volpe spoke with author Roanna Rosewood. Roanna speaks about her new book Cut, Stapled, & Mended: When One Woman Reclaimed Her Body and Gave Birth on Her Own Terms After Cesarean, and her own personal expierences that served as the inspiration behind her book.

Play Download 08/15/2013 - The Women's Room

This week on The Women's Room, host Gina Lemanowicz is joined by author Jennifer Zerling. Jennifer talks about her book, Breaking the Chains of Obesity: 107 Tools and how she broke the chains of obesity in the Zerling family.

Play Download 08/01/2013 - The Women's Room

On this episode of The Women's Room, Gina Lemanowicz sat down with Jennifer Richardson, author of the book, "Americashire: A Field Guide to a Marriage. Jennifer talks about her book and how her and her husbands move to a Cotswolds cottage and how their decision about whether or not to have a child affected their social lives.

Play Download 07/25/2013 - The Women's Room

Host Allie Volpe spoke with award winning author, Susan Choi. Susan speaks about her most recent book, My Education and mentions how it differs from her other books.

Play Download 07/18/2013 - The Women's Room

This week on The Women's Room, Gina Lemanowicz chats with Melissa Fiorenza about her book, 20 Something Girl-1001 Quick Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier. Melissa shares some of her quick tips for surviving and thriving in your twenties.

Play Download 07/11/2013 - The Women's Room

Host Allie Volpe is joined by expert life and leadership coach, trainer, and author; Janis Bastani. Janis talks about her book; Eve, Reclaim Your Power along with gender equality in the workplace and an author who inspired her.

Play Download 06/27/2013 - The Women's Room

This week on The Women's Room, Gina Lemanowicz chats with Sally Koslow about her book, " Slouching Toward Adulthood." As more and more kids aged 25-35 are moving back home, Koslow tells listeners how to let go so their kids can grow up.

Play Download 06/20/2013 - The Women's Room

Host Allie Volpe is joined by Reverend Greta Sesheta, an actress who has appeared in Grey's Anatomy, Alias, and Ghost Whisperer. Greta speaks about her experiences with panic attacks and how it has affected her career. She also mentions how she overcomes panic attacks and how she now helps others overcome theirs.

Play Download 06/13/2013 - The Women's Room

Imagine your kids being kidnapped and taken to another country half way across the world...by their mother. On this week's Father's Day edition of The Women's Room, Gina Lemanowicz sits down with Scott Lesnick as he recounts this true and terrifying tale that unfolds in his book, "Kidjacked: A Father's Story." For more information visit www.scottlesnick.com.

Play Download 06/06/2013 - The Women's Room

Damona Hoffman, aka, Dear Dear Mrs. D, dating expert and author of Spin Your Web: How to Brand Yourself for Successful Online Dating joins host Allie Volpe to discuss the right way to date online. She also talks about the new rules to dating in todays modern age and the benefits of online dating.

Play Download 05/16/2013 - The Women's Room

Drs. Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz, authors of the award-winning and best-selling relationship book, Building a Love that Lasts: The Surprising Secrets of Succesful Marriage joined host Allie Volpe to discuss their extended study of relationships and marriage. They also shared how little culture and religion plays in love. Later, they mentioned how a woman's desire to change their partner is dangerous to a relationship.

Play Download 05/09/2013 - The Women's Room

As Mother's Day approaches, join Gina Lemanowicz in The Women's Room as she speaks with actress Julie Mannix von Zerneck. As a 19 year old unwed mother in the 1960's, Julie was forced to give up her daughter for adoption. Thirty-plus years later, Julie is reunited with that daughter she never knew and they both tell their heart-felt story in "Secret Storms." Visit www.secretstorms.com/ for more information.

Play Download 05/02/2013 - The Women's Room

On this episode of The Women's Room, Gina Lemanowicz sat down with Kimberly Silva, author of the book, "Life at the End of the Tunnel." May is Melanoma Awareness month and Kim told Gina not only about her husband's battle with cancer, but also how she and her children dealt with his untimely death at the age of 39. For information visit www.lifeattheendofthetunnel.net/

Play Download 04/25/2013 - The Women's Room

On this episode of The Women's Room, Gina Lemanowicz talks with Elissa Montanti, founder of the Global Medical Relief Fund and author of "I'll Stand By You." Elissa talks about how helping heal children from war-torn countries actually helped heal her as well.

Play Download 04/18/2013 - The Women's Room

Jim Jensen, author of Beyond The Power of Your Subconscious Mind joined host Allie Volpe to discuss the difference between your conscious and subconscious mind, how to achieve goals through positive affirmations and the concept of "self-talk." He later spoke about six key affirmations that help people meet their goals as well as some of the greatest transformations he's seen just by using positive affirmations. For more information, visit beyondthepower.com.

Play Download 03/28/2013 - The Women's Room

What happens when weight loss surgery changes your pants size but not your life? Tune into the Women's Room this week as Gina Lemanowicz sits down with Jen Larsen, author of "Stranger Here." 7 years after weight loss surgery, Jen tells the listeners what she gained when she lost the pounds.

Play Download 02/28/2013 - The Women's Room

Most women don't think about the makeup and beauty products they put on their bodies. Eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, perfume--it must all be safe right? Toxic makeup expert and CEO of Red Apple Lipstick, Jay Harper joined host Allie Volpe to talk about the hidden dangers in our makeup and beauty products. Harper discussed the prevalence of parabens and how they have been linked to increased risk of breast cancer in women. Harper also shared how Red Apple Lipstick is making safe products.

Play Download 02/21/2013 - The Women's Room

Can you imagine walking out of the house without makeup for a day, let alone a year? That's exactly what Phoebe Baker Hyde did and this week she joins Gina in The Women's Room to tell her all about her book, "The Beauty Experiment." Tune in to find out how giving up the makeup, gave Phoebe a new outlook on life. Visit www.phoebebakerhyde.com for more information.

Play Download 02/14/2013 - The Women's Room

Everyone's heard of the saying "nice guys finish last," but the same isn't true for good girls. In a special Valentine's Day edition of the Women's Room, host Allie Volpe spoke with Kim Shannon, founder of the website GoodGirlsAnonymous.com, about the three traits good girls share and how to feel more empowered with yourself--single or not--on Valentine's Day. Shannon also discussed her upcoming book The Good Girls Addiction.

Play Download 02/07/2013 - The Women's Room

Yoga is not only good for the body but for the mind as well. Host Gina Lemanowicz spoke with Cyndi Lee, world-renowned yoga instructor. Author of "May I Be Happy," Cyndi tells listeners how yoga helped her let go of her body issues and improve her outlook on life. She shared various types of yoga and what listeners can to today to find a more spiratual life.

Play Download 01/31/2013 - The Women's Room

Host Allie Volpe spoke with Rachel Beller, nutrition expert for The Biggest Loser and Dance Your A** Off and author of the new book "Eat To Lose, Eat To Win." Beller spoke about her revolutionary "food autopises" in which she breaks down and shows what's really in "healthy" meals. She also described the "flip-it" method she used on the Biggest Loser and included in her book. For more information, log onto http://www.bellernutritionalinstitute.com/

Play Download 01/24/2013 - The Women's Room

We all want to get fit, especially this time of the year, but keeping with a fitness program long after the resolutions wear off is key. This week, Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Mark Lauren, author of "Body by You." Mark gives listeners an exercise and diet plan that requires just a half and hour a few times per week but has long term results. For more information visit www.marklauren.com.

Play Download 12/20/2012 - The Women's Room

Sara Connell, author of "Bringing In Finn," joins Gina in The Women's Room this week as she shares the extraordinary story of how her mother helped her bring her son into the world. Connell talked about her fertility troubles and how her mother eventually became her surrogate. Visit www.saraconnell.com for more information.

Play Download 12/13/2012 - The Women's Room

Laura Magu, creator of the Push Pack and founder of Small Batch Studio joined host Allie Volpe to discuss her business and popular product: the Push Pack, a bag filled with all the essentials any mom-to-be would need during her time in the hospital. Magu also spoke about her business, Small Batch Studio and the difficulties she faced between running a business and having a family.

Play Download 12/06/2012 - The Women's Room

Did you ever want to write a book? Many people do, but don't know where to start. Brooke Warner helps aspiring authors make their dream a reality in "What's Your Book?" Warner gave tips on how to turn inspiration into a book including scheduling time for writing and finding things that propel you forward. Later, Warner discussed some mistakes some aspiring writers make.

Play Download 11/29/2012 - The Women's Room

Not convinced that you'd look good with bangs? Need to convince yourself that you're not jealous of your best friend? Jennifer Byrne has all the answers and more to help women be their best selves by "faking it." Byrne joined host Allie Volpe to discuss her new book "Fake It: More Than 100 Shortcuts That Every Woman Needs To Know." She talked about what inspired her to write the book as well as the importance of including humor in her writing.

Play Download 11/15/2012 - The Women's Room

Do you have working mom guilt? Many women do, and Michelle Cove joins Gina in the Women's Room this week to talk about it. Michelle says the key is to not avoid the guilt, but to deal with it effectively. She discusses this and much more in her new book, "I love Mondays and Other Confessions of Devoted Working Moms."

Play Download 11/08/2012 - The Women's Room

Host Allie Volpe spoke with Vanessa Katsoolis about her blog OneThousandSingleDays.com. Katsoolis discussed what brought her to make the desicion to be single for one thousand days as well as some of the difficulties she faces. On the flip-side, Katsoolis also talked about the better aspects of being single. For more, log onto onethousandsingledays.com.

Play Download 11/01/2012 - The Women's Room

This week on The Women's Room, Gina Lemanowicz is joined by Hollye Dexter, author of "Dancing the Shame Prom: Sharing the Secrets That Kept Us Small." Hollye and co-author Amy Ferris, not only share their stories of shame, but also those told by many diverse women. Every story told shares a different secret to inspire readers to tell their shame and let it go.

Play Download 10/25/2012 - The Women's Room

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, host Allie Volpe spoke with Rowan University professor Leslie Spencer about her battle with breast cancer. Diagnosed in 2009, Spencer turned to exercise during her treatment and even competed in a figure competition. After being a featured writer on a fitness blog, Spencer was encouraged to share her story in her own book: "Beautiful Beyond Breast Cancer." For more information, visit strongandbuilt.net.

Play Download 10/11/2012 - The Women's Room

Margaret Terry, author of "Dear Deb," a collection of letters written by Terry to her friend Deb following her cancer diagnosis, joined host Allie Volpe to discuss the inspiration for the book, the difficulties of revealing your past to the world and the miracle Deb knew she was going to have. The letters reached seven countries and spawned a community of readers who came together via email because of Terry's letters. For more on Terry and her work, visit margaretterry.com

Play Download 10/04/2012 - The Women's Room

Jessica Grose, freelance writer and author of her first novel, "Sad Desk Salad," a lighthearted look at the changing world of online jornalism, joined host Allie Volpe to discuss the book and her journalism career. Grose also mentioned changes in privacy expectations as well as differences in ethical choices in the age of blogging. For more information on Grose and her work, visit jessicagrose.com

Play Download 09/20/2012 - The Women's Room

Is your kid a picky eater? This week on The Women's Room, Gina talked to Stacey Antine, author of the book, Appetite for Life. Stacey, a nutritionist and founder of HealthBarn USA, told Gina how to get any picky eater to get cooking and start eating healthy and delicious food. Part cookbook, part instruction manual, Stacey will get your picky eater to eat his spinach in no time! For more information visit, www.healthbarnusa.com.

Play Download 08/30/2012 - The Women's Room

Lorrie Beck, du and triathlete, nutritionist, coach and founder of Y B Fit joined host Allie Volpe to discuss her extensive career with fitness and nutrition. Beck spoke about her experiences in training and competing in triathlons. Later, she explained the differences in fitness training between men and women as well as dietary shortcomings people face. Finally, Beck went over the work she does with clients through her personal coaching and nutrition business, Y B Fit (ybfit.com).

Play Download 08/23/2012 - The Women's Room

Want to get that Hollywood look without the Holloywood bank account? Then tune into The Women's Room this week when Gina sits down with Andrea Pomerantz Lustig to talk beauty on a budget. As a vetern beauty editor, Andrea will give you all the tips and tricks to look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. For more information, check out Andrea's book, How to Look Expensive, or http://howtolookexpensive.com/.

Play Download 08/16/2012 - The Women's Room

Managing your kids' after school activities can be a little tricky. Will they enjoy soccer? Or are they more interested in art? What about that first job? For answers to all of these questions and more, Rosalyn Hoffman, author of "Smart Mama's Guide To After School Activities" joined host Allie Volpe to weigh in on all things extracurricular. For more on Hoffman and her work, log onto rosalynhoffman.com.

Play Download 08/02/2012 - The Women's Room

Beth Kephart, a Philadelphia-based author, spoke with Allie Volpe about her most recent novel, "Small Damages." Kephart discussed the importance of the setting: Seville, Spain and the impact the characters, Kenzie, the main character, meets while there. Later, Kephart shared her love for the Philadelphia area and the camaraderie she has with other local authors. For more on Beth and her work, log onto http://beth-kephart.blogspot.com/

Play Download 07/26/2012 - The Women's Room

What does a 19 year-old know about feminism? If you're Julie Zeilinger then you know a lot. Julie joins Gina Lemanowicz in The Women's Room this week to talk about her book, "A Little F'ed Up-Why Feminism Is Not a Dirty Word." Julie and Gina discuss the current state of feminism, what the future holds for feminism and why men can be feminists too! For more information visit www.thefbomb.org or www.juliezeilinger.com.

Play Download 07/19/2012 - The Women's Room

Domestic abuse is something we hear a lot about but think "it could never happen to me." However sixty percent of women are physically, sexually or emotionally abused during their lifetime. Lynn Fairweather, author of Stop Signs: Recognizing, Avoiding and Escaping Abusive Relationships, joined Allie Volpe to discuss the red flags in relationships in order to help prevent domestic abuse. Fairweather talked about common qualities in abusers and how intimate partner violence can harm children.

Play Download 06/28/2012 - The Women's Room

Have you ever imagined something as simple as fragrance changing your world forever? For Alyssa Harad, one blog centering on sharing and describing perfume opened her eyes to an underground culture that she never knew existed. Harad, author of "Coming To My Senses: A Story of Perfume, Pleasure and an Unlikely Bride" joined Allie Volpe to talk about how she fell in love with fragrance and how it's affected her life.

Play Download 06/21/2012 - The Women's Room

In the busy lives we lead, everyone can benefit from some more organization, but who has time to organize? Regina Leeds does and she joins Gina in The Women's Room to discuss her book, "The 8-Minute Organizer: Easy Solutions to Simplify Your Life in Your Spare Time." Leeds has created step by step instructions to get you organized. For more information, visit www.reginaleeds.com .

Play Download 06/14/2012 - The Women's Room

Are you having a baby or know someone who is? Then tune into The Women's Room this week as Gina sits down with Angela Wynne, author of "The Baby Cheapskate Guide to Bargains." The average American family can expect to spend more that $23,000 for the first two years of a child's life, but Angela offers tips on everything from saving on diapers to toys so that listeners don't have to go broke. For more tips and tricks visit www.babycheapskate.com.

Play Download 06/07/2012 - The Women's Room

This week in The Women's Room, Gina is joined by Greta Gleissner, author of the book, "Something Spectacular:The True Story of One Rockette's battle with Bulimia. Greta is both recovering from this disease as well as a clinician in the field and she tells Gina not only about her own experiences but also the warning signs parents and friends need to look out for. Find out more at www.gretagleissner.com

Play Download 05/31/2012 - The Women's Room

Host Allie Volpe spoke with Lorna Vanderhaeghe, author, nutrition expert and associate editor of Total Health Magazine to discuss common ailments that people attribute to genes that can actually be prevented. Vanderhaeghe explained the three common heath fears that Americans have concerning aging and genetics: arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. For each of the three main ailments, Vanderhaeghe offers dietary suggestions to help offset your chances of acquiring any of them.

Play Download 05/24/2012 - The Women's Room

Most nineteen-year-olds find themselves working towards a degree while balancing school and social activities. Nicole Loher does all this and more. The fashion blogger and Fashion Institute of Technology student joined host Allie Volpe to discuss her ever-popular website (www.nicoleloher.com), her career aspirations and her experience in an extremely competitive industry. She also mentioned how the content of her blog has changed from it's beginnings to where she is today.

Play Download 05/10/2012 - The Women's Room

Host Katie Costello spoke with Susan Page, a relationship author who's also made appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and CNN, to discuss what inspired her to begin relationship writing and speaking. Page also shed some light on couples group therapy and it's benefits. Finally, Page addressed the communication problems couples have and why they have them. For more information on Susan Page and her books, visit www.susanpage.com

Play Download 04/26/2012 - The Women's Room

Imagine creating a blog out of boredom and it catapulting you to great success. Well, host Allie Volpe talked to Sara Zucker who did just that. Sara talked about the beginnings of her blog, sarazucker.com, coverage of New York Fashion Week and her new job at NARS Cosmetics. Originally going to school to be a librarian, Sara fell into the fashion world through her blog and her work for Glamour Magazine. For more on Sara and her projects, check out sarazucker.com

Play Download 04/19/2012 - The Women's Room

Cancer is a scary word for anyone, but especially when you're 37 an on the verge of a brand new career. Join Gina in the Women's Room this week as she speak with Laura Roppe. Laura, author of "Rocking the Pink," tells Gina that having an optimistic outlook not only helped her fight breast cancer but gave her the strength to quit her job as an attorney and take on her true passion, music. For more information, log onto lauraroppe.com

Play Download 03/29/2012 - The Women's Room

As we all grow older, finding someone we're compatible with and eventually marrying them should be on our to-do list, right? This weeks episode of The Women's Room, Katie Costello spoke with Michele Kort. Kort is co-editor of the book "Here Come the Brides! Reflections on Lesbian Love and Marriage." She discussed what it's like being accepted as a lesbian, where she thinks the lesbian and gay movement will be in five years, and how the book actually began

Play Download 03/15/2012 - The Women's Room

Interested in writing a book, but now sure how to get it published? This week's episode of The Women's Room, Gina spoke with Antoinette Kuritz. Kuritz is the founder of Strategies PR and offered her insight on how to get that idea from your head onto paper and into book stores. Finally, Kuritz discussed the LaJolla Writer's Conference that she developed.

Play Download 03/08/2012 - The Women's Room

This week in The Women's Room, Clinical Psychologist, David Sabine sit down with Gina. David not only talks about his book, "A Chair with a View," but he also discusses how medical ads target women. Sabine also includes different advertisements that target the female population. For more information on Sabine and his book, log onto http://docsabine.com/.

Play Download 03/01/2012 - The Women's Room

Do you want to know how to save time and money? Then tune into the Women's Room this week as Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Tara Kuczykowski, co-author of the book, "All in Good Time." Tara gives the listeners tips on how to save on purchases big and small and organize their lives so they have more time to spend with their loved ones. For more information, log onto dealseekingmom.com

Play Download 02/16/2012 - The Women's Room

Host Julia Hays spoke with Sandra Pollino, author of Flying Fear Free, and a specialist in the area of fear flying and the founder of Coaching for Fear of Flying, a clinic for fearful fliers. Pollino discussed the surprising amount of people who have a fear of flying. In addition, she also mentioned common reasons why people are frightened of flying in an airplane. Pollino also mentioned that many celebrities, including Whoopi Goldberg, have a fear of flying.

Play Download 01/26/2012 - The Women's Room

What do your dreams mean and can they help you deal with the stressors of every day life? To find out, tune into The Women's Room this week. Gina talks with Sadie Strick, PHD about how you can decode your own dreams and relieve anxiety. You can find more information at troublingdreamsandnightmares.com.

Play Download 01/19/2012 - The Women's Room

This time of the year everyone wants to drop those holiday pounds and Gina has just the solution for you. Join her this week in The Women's Room as she speaks with Dr. Jim Anderson. Dr. Anderson tells listeners about The Simple Diet and how they can lose up to 50 pounds in 12 weeks! More information can be found at andersonsimplediet.com.

Play Download 01/12/2012 - The Women's Room

Host Julia Hays sat down with Kristen East, a graduate student in Widener University's social work program and one of the faces of the Minding Your Mind Foundation. East shared her story of living as a young woman with anxiety and major depression disorder. She described how she copes with living with these disorders. Following graduation, East went into psychology and now works with youth. The Minding Your Mind Foundation is a program where speakers share their histories with mental illness.

Play Download 01/05/2012 - The Women's Room

Are you a woman in her 30's+ and looking to find Mr. Right? Then this edition of The Women's Room is for you. Gina sat down with one of The Garter Brides, Tish Rabe. Rabe, co-author of "Love for Grown-ups" told her story of finding love later in life and how you can too! More information can be found at facebook.com/thegarterbrides.

Play Download 12/29/2011 - The Women's Room

What's a man doing in The Women's Room? Well, this week Michael Kaufman, co-author of the book "The Guy's Guide to Feminism," is telling Gina why feminism is important to men too! Kaufman explained why feminism and gender equality are necessary for men to understand in today's society. More information can be found guysguidetofeminism.com

Play Download 12/01/2011 - The Women's Room

This week Gina sits down with Marcela Hahn, Executive Director of Strategic Planning for CARE the world's largest humanitarian organization committed to helping poor women. Marcela tell Gina about the various aspects of the organization and how playing a fun and simple game can help thousands of poor women. The organization reaches out to impoverished families around the world. More information can be found at care.org

Play Download 11/17/2011 - The Women's Room

Is your environment making you sick? To find out, tune into the Women's Room. Debra Lynn Dadd, author of "Toxic Free," explains how the toxic chemicals in your daily food, cleaners, and household items are making you sick and how you can start to live a toxic free life.

Play Download 11/10/2011 - The Women's Room

On this week in The Women's Room, Gina talks with Amy Ahlers about her book "Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves." Amy tells the listeners how they can ditch their inner critic and wake up their inner superstar! Ahlers is a life coach and her book describes the different ways that women put themselves down and ways to overcome those negative thoughts. The book is designed for "fast self-help" through the accessible table of contents.

Play Download 10/27/2011 - The Women's Room

Are you in a dating rut? Well so was Tamara Duricka Johnson, but she decided to do something about it! On this week's episode of The Women's Room, Tamara talks to Gina about her book, "31 Dates in 31 Days." Following a few rules, Tamara went on 30 dates in 30 days but saved number 31 for someone very special.

Play Download 10/20/2011 - The Women's Room

Running a marathon probably seems like a daunting task for anyone, especially a self-proclaimed "non-runner," but this week in The Women's Room, Dawn Dais tells Gina why she decided to do exactly that. From training tips to anecdotes, Dawn tells the listeners how they can accomplish even their most difficult goals.

Play Download 10/06/2011 - The Women's Room

Gloria Feldt joins host Gina Lemanowicz for a discussion of Feldt's book "No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power." The term "power tools" was detailed. Every chapter in the book features a woman being empowered by one of those tools. For more information, log onto GloriaFeldt.com.

Play Download 09/15/2011 - The Womens Room

In these tough economic times, taking on the role of Bridesmaid is an expense that many women feel like they have to give up. However, that is not always the case. Join Gina in The Women's Room this week when she is joined by Sharon Naylor, wedding expert and author of the book, "Bridesmaid on a Budget." Sharon will give listeners lots of tips on how they can save money while still being part of their friend or family member's special day.

Play Download 08/25/2011 - The Women's Room

Raising a child after a divorce is never easy, but what if you have "joint custody with a jerk?" On The Women's Room this week, Gina discusses this problem and some possible solutions with Judy Corcoran, co-author of the book, "Joint Custody with a Jerk: Raising a Child with an Uncooperative Ex."

Play Download 08/18/2011 - The Womens Room

This week in The Women's Room, Gina sits down with Mina Samuels, author of the book, "Run Like a Girl--How Strong Women Make Happy Lives." Mina tells Gina how sports can help women build confidence, deal with challenges, and lead happy lives.

Play Download 08/11/2011 - The Women's Room

Heidi Hamels may be a reality TV star and the wife of a World Series MVP, but her true passion is to help educate children. Host Gina Lemanowicz spoke with Heidi about The Hamels Foundation, a charitable organization that she started with her husband Cole, in hopes of providing much needed educational funding to children in the U.S. and Africa.

Play Download 07/21/2011 - The Women's Room

Gina sits down with author Phyllis Chesler to talk about her book "Mothers on Trial: The Battle for Childern and Custody" as well as what drove her to write more than fifteen books relating to women's rights. They also talk about the history of custody and custody battles and how the have changed over the years.

Play Download 07/07/2011 - The Women's Room

This economy can make anyone nervous, but Catherine Avery explains to host Gina Lemanowicz why this is a great time for women to invest. Owner of Catherine Avery Investment Management, Catherine dishes on how women can take responsibility for their finances and succeed.

Play Download 06/30/2011 - The Women's Room

Gina Lemanowicz was joined by Lois Frankel, P.H.D., co-author of "Nice Girls Just Don't Get It." Lois told the listeners about different tactics women can use to win the respect they deserve, the success they've earned and the life they want.

Play Download 06/02/2011 - The Womens Room

On this week of the Women's Room, Gina is joined by actress and author, Diane Farr. While Diane used to dish out relationship advice on the television show, Lovelines, she's now offering wisdom in her brand new book, "Kissing Outside the Lines: A True Story of Love, Race, and Happily Ever After." Diane tells Gina about her own interracial marriage and how other interracial couples can live happily ever after too!

Play Download 05/26/2011 - The Women's Room

Rowan University Alumna and host Gina Lemanowicz spoke to the author of When You Have Outgrown Him: Whether to Stay or Go, Kimberly Ventus-Darks. The two discuss why women may outgrow their relationships, what mistakes they could be making, and how to prevent the drift.

Play Download 04/28/2011 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz talks to the creator of take your daughter to work day, Nell Merlino

Play Download 04/14/2011 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz talks to Spiritual Speaker Eileen Flanagan about her book. "The Wisdom to Know the Difference," which has been endorsed by the Dalai Lama.

Play Download 03/24/2011 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Kristin Clark Taylor, author of "The Forever Box." As a founding member of USA Today's launch team and a former White House Director of Media Relations, Kristin has a lot of memories to share and she will also offer insight on how listeners can start their own forever box.

Play Download 03/10/2011 - The Women's Room

On this week's episode of The Women's Room, Kelly White sits down with Gina to talk about her experience as a domestic abuse survivor and how she is now helping others. The author of the recently published book, "A Safe Place for Women," Kelly discusses how to recognize if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship and the steps needed to escape the abuse and move on into a healthy relationship.

Play Download 02/17/2011 - The Women's Room

With Women's History Month just a few weeks away, Gina is joined by author, Elizabeth Mahon, in the Women's Room. Elizabeth talks about the women featured in her upcoming book, "Scandalous Women: The Lives and Loves of History's Most Notorious Women." So to learn a little more about the women who changed history, be sure to tune in!

Play Download 02/10/2011 - The Women's Room

On this episode of The Women's Room, Gina Lemanowicz sits down with Sarah Welch, co-author of the book, "Pretty Neat: The buttoned-up way to get organized & let go of perfection." Sarah tells the listeners how to delegate jobs, make the perfect to-do list, deal with a messy loved one and many more organizational tips!

Play Download 01/27/2011 - The Women's Room

Miss New Jersey and Rowan student, Ashleigh Udalovas, joins Gina in The Women's Room this week. Ashleigh talks about her role as Miss New Jersey, her experience in this year's Miss America pageant, and why she chose literacy as her platform.

Play Download 01/20/2011 - The Women's Room

WGLS-FM Public Affairs Director Rachael Burgess spoke with the Vice President of the Road Company, Lani Campagno about the importance of performing arts and the devastating collapse of The Grand Theatre in May 2010. They discussed the group's upcoming show, "Forever in Plaid".

Play Download 01/13/2011 - The Women's Room

Need some inspiration in the new year? Host Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Cami Ostman, author of the book, "Second Wind." Cami has run seven marathons on all seven continents in the world and she'll tell you how to better achieve your dreams, whether you are a runner or not.

Play Download 01/06/2011 - The Women's Room

Have you, like so many other people, made a resolution to be healthier in the new year? Then tune into the Women's Room this week as Gina Lemanowicz talks with Aaron Snyder. Aaron, the author of "The New Diabetes Prescription," wants you to have a better relationship with food and exercise this year. He will give you tips and tricks about healthy eating and exercise so that you can actually keep those resolutions!

Play Download 12/16/2010 - The Women's Room

Do you stress about saving at the supermarket? Join Gina as she speaks with, Kimberly Danger, author of "Instant Bargains-600+ Ways to Shrink your Grocery Bills and Eat Well for Less". Kim will tell you how to get the most bang for your buck and how your holiday dinner can be affordable and enjoyable.

Play Download 12/09/2010 - The Women's Room

Do you want to prevent some tension around the holiday dinner table? Then join Gina in The Women's Room this week as she talks with Cathy Cress, co-author of the book, "Mom Loves You Best." Cathy will discuss how to improve sibling relationships and prevent any future rivalry.

Play Download 11/11/2010 - The Women's Room

What is it like to be a 20-something year old Mormon living in New York City? Find out this week on The Women's Room as Gina sits down with Elna Baker. Elna talks to Gina about her book "The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance," a coming of age memoir.

Play Download 10/28/2010 - The Women's Room

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month nears an end, Gina Lemanowicz talks with Brian Dailey, a two-time walker in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day For The Cure. Brian tells Gina why he decided to walk, how to get involved in this worthy cause, and why men should lace up their sneakers and start walking too!

Play Download 10/21/2010 - The Women's Room

Not sure how to comfort a loved-one going through a rough time? Then tune into The Women's Room this week. Host, Gina Lemanowicz, speaks with Val Walker about her book, "The Art of Comforting." Gina and Val discuss how to comfort kids, what to say in a comforting note, how pets help comfort those in need and much more!

Play Download 10/07/2010 - The Women's Room

On this week's episode, Gina Lemanowicz speaks with Kristie Corson, President of Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue. Kristie tells Gina why she decided to start a rabbit rescue and her plans for relocating it back to New Jersey. She also gives basic information about caring for rabbits as well as how people can volunteer at the rescue or adopt a bunny.

Play Download 09/23/2010 - The Women's Room

It's National Singles Week and host, Gina Lemanowicz, talks to Michelle Cove about her new Documentary and Book, "Seeking Happily Ever After." Both the book and film are based on interviews with single women and men and offers advice on how to navigate being single and finding "Mr. Right."

Play Download 09/09/2010 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz talks with author Mimi Donaldson about Donaldson's new book, which shows how sports events can relate to handling problems in everyday life. Her book is full of sports metaphors relating to everyday struggles.

Play Download 09/02/2010 - The Women's Room

Guest Shelly Peterman Schwarz talks about how she lives with having Multiple Sclerosis. She has become an optimist while living with the disease and now is a personal motivator for people who share the same disability.

Play Download 08/26/2010 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz talks with Catherine Cardinal about Cardinal's book and discusses a few of the types of men to run from. Cardinal talks about what to look for and possible ways to make them men to keep, if applicable. The two also touch on online dating.

Play Download 08/19/2010 - The Women's Room

Rowan alum Anj Granieri joins Host Gina Lemanowicz. Anj, a singer/songwriter, tells Gina about her upcoming one-woman show at the Philly Fringe Festival, "Casual World/Intimate Heart." Anj even offers Rowan students a discount to come check out the show in September.

Play Download 08/12/2010 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz talks to Elizabeth McCloskey, who provides listeners with the synopsis for her novel, "Myth." McCloskey also discusses the process she went through to get her book published and her desires to have a four-book series involving "Myth."

Play Download 07/29/2010 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz and guest Carmen Renee Berry discuss how to define clutter and ways to clean it up, like scanning documents and throwing away the papers.

Play Download 07/22/2010 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz talks with author Kimberly Danger about her book and different ways to save extra money with a new baby arriving, like stocking diapers before the child's birth.

Play Download 07/15/2010 - The Women's Room

Toby Lightman talks with host Gina Lemanowicz about how music became a huge part of Lightman's life. Her first big singing performance was at her high school graduation, which opened her eyes to becoming a singer. Lightman is originally from Cherry Hill and is now making it big in NYC.

Play Download 07/01/2010 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz sits down with Josie Rubio, who discusses the reasons why we crave junk food. Topics include research done with test mice, advertisement campaigns and more. Finally, Josie gives tips on how to eat healthier.

Play Download 06/17/2010 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz and co-host Jess Brittain talk with Jennifer Mascia, the author of the book "Never Tell Our Business to Strangers," which details her life and the discovery of her father's mob associations.

Play Download 06/10/2010 - The Women's Room

Gina Lemanowicz speaks with attorney and psychologist, Dr. Robert Goldman, about Al and Tipper Gore's recent divorce announcement, as well as how to resolve conflicts in your own relationships.

Play Download 06/03/2010 - The Women's Room

Gina Lemanowicz interviews Peri Pakroo, author of "Women's Small Business Start-Up Kit." Pakroo discusses various roles of business detailed in her book.

Play Download 05/27/2010 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz talks about how to do deal with abusive relationships with Joanna V. Hunter, author of "But He'll Change."

Play Download 05/06/2010 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz talks with Catherine Cardinal about her book "Men to Run From" and internet dating.

Play Download 04/19/2010 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz and Jess Britten are joined with the author of The Nine Rooms of Happiness. Gina and Jess talk about how this book relates to everyday life and how taking some simple steps can make your life less stressful.

Play Download 04/08/2010 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz talks about "Flashes of Hope," how you can get involved and what they do at Childrens' Hospital in Philadelphia.

Play Download 03/18/2010 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz talks about "Project Prom 2010."

Play Download 03/11/2010 - The Women's Room

Host Gina Lemanowicz talks about the Oscars with Rowan University professor Dr. Ken Kaleta.

Play Download 12/17/2009 - The Women's Room

Liz Palmer talks about her role as President of Student Goverment and the challenges she has to face as president.

Play Download 12/10/2009 - The Women's Room

Host Alli Mechanic, talks to Jill Nitz about her success at Rowan University and in the United States Army.

Play Download 12/03/2009 - The Women's Room

Host Natasha Pascetta, sits down with Maureen Muehl to talk about her successful career in aviation.

Play Download 11/20/2009 - The Women's Room

Kate Flannery of NBC's The Office joined host Natasha Pascetta to discuss her life growing up in Philadelphia and what it is like being on such a popular show.

Play Download 09/24/2009 - The Women's Room

Host Natasha Pascetta sits down the London correspondent for the New York Times, Sarah Lyall

Play Download 09/17/2009 - The Women's Room

Host Natasha Pascetta discusses roller derby with the sisters from South Jersey Derby Girls.

Play Download 09/03/2009 - The Women's Room

Host Mandy Rippert discusses Girls Rock Philly, a local rock camp for school girls, and also talks with author and columnist Paula Froleich.

Play Download 09/01/2009 - The Women's Room

Host Natasha Pascetta sits down with the woman behind the voice of Sandy from Nickelodeon's Spongebob Squarepants.

Play Download 09/01/2009 - The Women's Room

Eleanor Friedberger, frontwoman for the Fiery Furnaces, stops by to talk with host Natasha Pascetta.

Play Download 07/13/2009 - The Women's Room

Guest Host Natasha Pascetta speaks with ghosthunter L'Aura Hladik

Play Download 04/23/2009 - The Women's Room

GRP is a girls-only, week-long summer day camp serving junior rockers ages 9-17. Led by a team of all female instructors & band coaches, girls in the program learn how to play musical instruments, write songs, make their own band merchandise, discover other women in rock & finesse their on-stage jump kicks. Learn more at GirlsRockPhilly.org

Play Download 03/26/2009 - The Women's Room

Kristin Brozina & Moriah Wilson-Barone speak about the upcoming Rowan performance of the Vagina Monologues. Check it out in the Student Center Pit, Monday March 30th at 9PM!

Play Download 03/19/2009 - The Women's Room

Torrey Reade left her job on Wall St. to take up organic farming in Salem, NJ. She shares her story on how living in the country and running Neptune Farms has improved her lifestyle.

Play Download 03/12/2009 - The Women's Room

Wendy Abrams, the creative mind behind Cool Globes, speaks about how she uses art to raise awareness about global warming.

Play Download 03/05/2009 - The Women's Room

Postpartum Depression (PPD) is a mood disorder that affects many women usually within the first year after childbirth, miscarriage, or stillbirth. Up to eighty percent of new mothers experience some form of the baby blues, but PPD is different because it can be more intense, and last a very long time. However, there is screening and treatment available. Guests Susan Ellis Murphy and Connie Bonillas share information and experiences about PPD in an effort to raise awareness among women.

Play Download 01/22/2009 - The Women's Room

We probably wouldn't have to go through hoops to lose weight and avoid bad foods if we had learned to eat well as kids! Ceci Carmichael speaks about how she is helping kids improve their eating habits, learn to cook, and also about her upcoming cooking class in Philly on Saturday, January 24th!

Play Download 01/15/2009 - The Women's Room

Celebrity wedding planner Samantha Goldberg talks about tips and trends for keeping a budget while planning your wedding in 2009.

Play Download 01/08/2009 - The Women's Room

CEO, Mom, and creator of Froose Denise Devine speaks about how she thought up this healthy kids drink!

Play Download 11/20/2008 - The Women's Room

Singer-songwriter and author Zara Phillips speaks about her personal experiences with adoption and how it can affect every person who is involved. Log onto zarahphillips.com for more information!

Play Download 09/25/2008 - The Women's Room

Author and breast cancer survivor Ruth Petalson shares her story. She speaks about her new book that offers support for women with breast cancer, told by women with breast cancer.

Play Download 09/18/2008 - The Women's Room

Now more than ever women are being diagnosed with cancers. And with advancements in modern medicine and technology, survival rates are increases. There's a lot a woman can do for her body while she is undergoing treatment, and after she is done treatment, for cancer two of the most important things is to exercise and be educated on her disease. Doreen Puglisi, founder of the Pink Ribbon Program, speaks about how her exercise program helps women with breast cancer stay mentally & physically fit

Play Download 08/07/2008 - The Women's Room

Director Cathi Rendfrey shares information about how the WOC of Burlington County serves the community and displaced homemakers. She speaks about the classes and programs offered through the center and how women have benefited over the years from these services.

Play Download 07/10/2008 - The Women's Room

Director Susan Toffler speaks about the documentary Honey What's Your Point, which focuses on a handful of young girls, working to establish equality in the workplace and to someday run for office.

Play Download 05/22/2008 - The Women's Room

Author, researcher, and endocrinologist Dr. Susan Thys-Jacobs explains what causes PMS and how women can use diet, exercise, and some medications to alieviate symptoms.

Play Download 05/08/2008 - The Women's Room

Carlana Stone leads a fast paced lifestyle - think you can keep up? She's an author, producer, reporter, and founder of a non-profit organization. She's flown a plane on her own, jumped from the sky, and scuba dived. And she's done it all without the use of her legs. Listen as Carlana speaks of her achievements, low points, and how she turned a tragedy into her motivation. And she has no plans of slowing down!

Play Download 04/03/2008 - The Women's Room

Host Julia Giacoboni interviews Luticia Hawthorne, Rowan University's only quadruple major. Luticia majors in Radio/Television/Film, Journalism, Advertising, and Public Relations - she shares her experiences here with such a heavy workload.

Play Download 03/13/2008 - The Women's Room

Host Julia Giacoboni interviews author and enviromental advocate Diane MacEachern about how women can use their spending habits to help create a more greener, eco friendly world.

Play Download 03/03/2008 - The Women's Room

Host Julia Giacoboni interviews the chair of the Women's History Month Committe Dr. Tanya Clark and a committe member Dr. Hottle. They speak about the events going on throughout the month of March at Rowan University in honor of Women's History.

Play Download 02/28/2008 - The Women's Room

Host Julia Giacoboni interviews Jess Weiner; an author and ambassador for the National Eating Disorder Association. In the interview Jess talks about what types of eating disorders exist, why they affect so many women, and how she overcame, and others can overcome eating disorders.

Play Download 02/21/2008 - The Women's Room

Host Julia Giacoboni interviews Denise Devine, a mom from Media, PA. Denise worked with researchers to create Froose, a healthy drink for kids. In the interview she talks about how she came up with the idea for Froose, and why it is important kids drink it.

Play Download 02/14/2008 - The Women's Room

Host Julia Giacoboni talks with Mellanie True Hills about heart disease awareness. Mellanie is a heart disease and stroke survivor and shares her experience and information about the number one killer of women in the U.S.

Play Download 02/07/2008 - The Women's Room

WGLS-FM Public Affairs Director Julia Giacoboni speaks with Dr, Dianne Dorland, Rowan University Dean of the College of Engineering and Delaware Valley Engineer of the Year. They discuss her career, achievements, and Rowan's engineering program.

Play Download 01/10/2008 - The Women's Room

Host WGLS-FM Public Affairs Director Julia Giacoboni talks with Jenny Spotilla, board chair of CFIDS . They discuss the disease which affects one million Americans.

Play Download 10/18/2007 - The Women's Room

WGLS-FM Public Affairs Director Julia Giacoboni interviewed Holly Mosher. Mosher is the director of the acclaimed film, Hummingbird. The film, set in Brazil, exposes the effects of domestic violence worldwide. They also discuss the importance of domestic violence education and awareness.

Play Download 09/06/2007 - The Women's Room

Local author, and Rowan alumni, Michele Lacina discusses her story in the brand new, "Chicken Soup for the Soul and Menopause."

Play Download 08/16/2007 - The Women's Room

Rowan University professor Melissa Klapper discussed her new book, "Small Strangers". The book is about immigrant children in the United States throughout the years.

Play Download 06/21/2007 - The Women's Room

Dr. Hope Ricciotti explained how expecting mothers can stay healthy and eat properly. She gave tips on what pregnant women should try to include and avoid in their diet. She detailed the writing partnership with her husband who co-authors their books.

Play Download 05/24/2007 - The Women's Room

Julia speaks with author, Debbie Macomber. A writer for nearly 20 years, Debbie Macomber's books have been made into TV movies and some have become NY Times bestsellers. Debbie spends time on the Women's Room to share her stories about writing, knitting, speak about how she got her start as a writer, and about her latest novel, Back On Blossom Street

Play Download 03/08/2007 - The Women's Room

WGLS-FM Public Affairs Director Julia Giacoboni interviewed Barbara Haney Irvine, founder of the Alice Paul Institute and a 2007 National Women's History Project honoree. Irvine spoke about the life of feminist and suffragist Alice Paul. She explained how she is remembered today through this unique organization and also through the preservation of Paul's birthplace, Paulsdale; located in Mt. Laurel, NJ.

Play Download 03/01/2007 - The Women's Room

Host Julia Giacoboni spoke with Rowan University Professor, Dr. Diane Ashton. Ashton shared her expert knowledge of Jewish Women's History.

Play Download 02/01/2007 - The Women's Room

WGLS-FM Public Affairs Director Julia Giacoboni sat with creator, publisher, and editor of Mom Magazine, Adrienne Richardson. Richardson spoke about this new and unique magazine specific to South Jersey.

Play Download 12/28/2006 - The Women's Room

An advocate for breast cancer treatments and medications, Cindy Purcell speaks about the importance of administering medicine properly. Cindy, who is a clinical nurse specialist, also talks about dangerous side effects of ignoring treatment, the benefits of treating cancers and reasons why some women choose not to receive treatment.

Play Download 12/14/2006 - The Women's Room

Dr. Debra Mandel and Rowan University professor Dr. Diane Hamilton offered advice on how to deal with the potentially stressful holiday season. Dr. Mandel spoke about how to handle holiday parties, gift giving and balancing work and family during the holidays. Dr. Hamilton provided tons of shopping tips and how to find the best deals for gift giving.

Play Download 12/07/2006 - The Women's Room

Author Nora Issacs stresses the importance of maintaining balance and a sense of calmness in everyday life. Her new book, Women In Overdrive, explains the step by step process to relieving yourself of stressful burdens and escape a life that is in overdrive.

Play Download 11/02/2006 - The Women's Room

Abby Sexias author of the self help book "Finding the Deep River Within" speaks to host Julia Giacoboni about the importance of happiness and comfort in one's life. She gives examples of individuals achieving relaxation and inner peace and how each person can attain a more comfortable lifestyle.

Play Download 10/05/2006 - The Women's Room

The third in a three part series concerning education and school choice. Pat Munyan, Assistant Superintendent of the Catholic Diocese of Camden, represents Catholic and parochial schooling. From personal experience and her professional opinion, Pat gives information about the pros and cons of taking this route of elementary and secondary education. She also incorporates facts and statistics from her 25 years involved in Catholic Schooling.

Play Download 09/28/2006 - The Women's Room

Second in a three part series about the different options for elementary and secondary education. Karen Schorewise speaks about public schooling. As an English teacher at Kingsway High School, Karen talks about her experience, knowledge, and educated opinion concerning public schooling and its pros and cons.

Play Download 09/21/2006 - The Women's Room

The first in a three part series concerning education and school choice. Debbi Charles talks about the benefits of home schooling.

Play Download 08/03/2006 - The Women's Room

Anne Gallagher and host Julia Giacoboni discuss the National Association of Women Business Owners. As founding president of the South Jersey Chapter Gallagher shares information about the history of the organization, how the SJ chapter came to be, and how it runs on a national level.

Play Download 07/27/2006 - The Women's Room

CARE - helping countries in poverty through channeling their efforts through women. Explains history, sponsorship, donations, etc.

Play Download 07/06/2006 - The Women's Room

Megan McCafferty is a novelist known for here coming of age books revolving around the character Jessica Darling. A young adult centered series, the books follow Jessica as she goes through high school and college. The most recent installment of the series CHARMED THIRDS was an instant New York Times Best Seller.

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