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Kelly to host new WGLS-FM show focusing on extraordinary people

From Courier Post Online, August 25, 2008

“League of the Extraordinary,” a half-hour radio show featuring people who have amazing personal stories to tell, will debut this fall on Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM.

Hosted by Candace Kelley, co-chair of Rowan University's journalism department and a five-time Emmy-nominated writer and researcher, the show features interviews with people “who have made extraordinary journeys.

“Just when you think you are alone, you find that someone else has been on the road less traveled,” says Kelley. “This show sheds light on those people and the valuable lessons they have learned.”

“League of the Extraordinary” debuts Tuesday, Sept. 2, at 5:30 p.m. on WGLS-FM with guests Karen Rodriguez and Cortney Bolden.

Rodriguez will discuss how her journey to America has shaped her life. At age 16, she left her native Nicaragua and braved rough waters over five weeks in a rubber boat to immigrate to America.

In 2007, doctors told Bolden that she was in an advanced stage of breast cancer. Instead of chemotherapy, she chose a holistic approach. After six months of strict dieting, exercising and supplements, she left doctors speechless when her test results came back cancer-free.

In addition to airing from Rowan's Glassboro studios, “League of the Extraordinary” also will be available as a pod cast.

Kelley is currently the anchor of the PBS-affiliated series “Another View,” which can be heard on WNJN Radio. At Rowan, she teaches a series of broadcast journalism courses, as well as communication law.